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Our best illustrations of 2021

From the MIT Technology Review art team, here are some of our very favorite illustrations of the year:

An E. coli biocomputer solves a maze by sharing the workANDREA CHRONOPOULOS

Eight ways scientists are unwrapping the mysteries of the human brainNHUNG LE

Geoffrey Hinton has a hunch about what’s next for AIKIEL MUTSCHELKNAUS

The food issue

The change issue

3 space science questions that computing is helping to answerDANIEL ZENDER

Startups are racing to reproduce breast milk in the labAMRITA MARINO

A horrifying new AI app swaps women into porn videos with a clickPEDRO NEKOI

Fiction: Dark spaces on the mapILLUSTRATIONS BY JOAN WONG

Gene editing has made pigs immune to a deadly epidemicSELMAN DESIGN

Why Facebook is using Ray-Ban to stake a claim on our facesSELMAN DESIGN

Technology can help us feed the world, if we look beyond profitPABLO DELCAN

Meet Altos Labs, Silicon Valley’s latest wild bet on living foreverALAMY, GETTY (BEZOS)

How to build freestanding public restrooms that are clean and safeJULIAN GLANDER

Netflix v Modi and the battle for Indian cinema’s soulMAX-O-MATIC

Is everything in the world a little bit conscious?

Decoding the CRISPR-baby stories

We’re on track to set a new record for global meat consumptionMS TECH | PEXELS

Deepfake porn is ruining women’s lives. Now the law may finally ban it.FRANZISKA BARCZYK

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