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iOS 8: Drawbacks

Lately iOS 8 users are reporting some drawbacks of the new apple product.

Here are the five main things getting people’s backs up:

1. It needs lots of space to download

Up to 4.5GB of space, in fact. Which means a lot of people will have to delete old photos, videos and songs (and even the Bible) just to get it working. You can, however, download it through iTunes to avoid this problem.

2. A new, confusing keyboard

A new ‘QuickType’ keyboard brings up predictive suggestions for words as soon as you start typing. Although Apple say it should get better as time goes on – and a user’s language patterns are stored – many have argued that early results are unimpressive.

3.The camera roll has gone

Many users have complained on social media that the generic ‘camera roll’ folder has disappeared.

4. The apps don’t work

When first downloading iOS 8, some users may find that not all of their pre-existing apps are working or they look a bit strange. But, as CNN explains, that should be ironed out in the next week or so.

5.It doesn’t work very well on iPhone 4s

The iPhone 4s does not support the new operating system very well due to its lower processing speeds and smaller screen. Not only is performance slower, but the interface looks a little cramped.

But fear not, we’ll probably get used to all the changes in a few months and then have another chance to moan when Apple introduce iOS 9… And anyway there are a load of new features that aren’t annoying people.

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