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Hands On: Chargeasap’s Omega 200W Charger, World’s First and Smallest 200W GaN Charger for MacBooks and iPhones

In the world of power adapters, Gallium Nitride or GaN is all the rage as it allows companies to make smaller and more efficient chargers for smartphones and laptops. All the GaN chargers that have hit the market so far are technically a first-gen product and they all have one issue or another in terms […]

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How claims of voter fraud were supercharged by bad science

During the 2016 primary season, Trump campaign staffer Matt Braynard had an unusual political strategy. Instead of targeting Republican base voters—the ones who show up for every election—he focused on the intersection of two other groups: people who knew of Donald Trump, and people who had never voted in a primary before. These were both […]