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How to fix iOS 9 Unicode Messages crash bug

All in a sudden, my message app in iOS 9.3.1 started crashing … after, surfing apple’s official site, I found that this bug, which has been discovered on May 29, 2016, crashes Messages app due to a specific set of unicode string characters are received on the recipient’s device. I was trying all different methods, however did have luck. This is because, I received few other valid sms after that particular unicoded sms. Thus, while i was using Siri, Siri was sending messages to a valid sender instead of the unicoded sms sender. Therefore, I was required to identify the sender of the unicoded sms initially. Lucky, I have iMazing installed in my mac, which helped me to access all the messages individually and to identify the sender’s number of the unicoded sms. i imitated the following steps and managed to solve the issue. Continue reading How to fix iOS 9 Unicode Messages crash bug