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Invalid SIM on iPhone 3GS

Fix iTunes: The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported

If this message appear after update iPhone software to iOS 4.1, you should read the latest tutorial how-to jailbreak iOS4.1 by using limera1n. Or, if you can’t get it work using limera1n, try greenpois0n instead. Continue reading Invalid SIM on iPhone 3GS

Solutions for iPhone Charging Problems

The charge of my iPhone (3GS) was fully drained. I tried to charge it with the USB cable from pc and external ac adapter. Even i tried to charge it from a portable charger. but nothing happened. I haven’t faced such problem before. i’m using iOS 4.1 and baseband 6.15. is there anyone who can help???

After sending couple of days with this problem and googling, I found some solutions. One worked for me  I hope these solutions will be helpful for those who are facing the same problem. Continue reading Solutions for iPhone Charging Problems