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Change Title of a WordPress Site

Sometimes its a bit confusing to change title of a  wordpress site. The easiest ways to do so are as follows

1. dashboard -> settings ->

you will arrive on the General Settings page. The top slot is for Blog Title – type one in. The next is for a Tagline – type one in or remove what’s there scroll to the very bottom and click “save changes”

2. All in One SEO setting

Sometimes it is under the All in One SEO package setting. Set/ change the Home page Title there.

MAC Shortcuts

MAC Keyboard shortcuts not only makes nicer user experience and also cut down on the time needed to do a task. They can also just be plain cool. Mac OS X has many shortcuts ready and willing to do your bidding, but also has many hidden and unknown shortcuts. I have compiled some coolest keyboard shortcuts in Mac OS X. Continue reading MAC Shortcuts

Reset root password in Ubuntu

Reset root password in Ubuntu may be a necessary step if you have forgotten it or have bought a used computer which you don’t want to setup anew. Doing so without any installation medium saves you a blank CD and a bit of time.

To start, restart your computer and get to the GRUB menu by pressing Shift while booting. Point your cursor to the Recovery mode option: Continue reading Reset root password in Ubuntu