Apple introduces larger iPhone 6 and smartwatch

Apple announced on Tuesday two new iPhones 6, a digital smart watch and a new version of the company’s mobile operating system, iOS 8. Apple CEO Tim Cook dispensed with the usual rundown of Apple statistics, saying he had a lot to cover as he took the stage. After declaring, “everything is great,” he introduced the company’s highly anticipated larger phones. The two models are the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Continue reading Apple introduces larger iPhone 6 and smartwatch

Facebook Privacy Checkup

Facebook announced Yesterday (Sep 4, 2014) about the new feature over the next few days called Facebook Privacy Checkup. As the name implies, this tool will help to make sure that your posts are only being shared with people you would want to see it. Facebook will ask you to review the information that’s publicly available in your profile to verify  that you’re okay with it. If not, you’ll be able to make changes right there. 

Facebook announced this tool in May when it unveiled a handful of new privacy-focused features. For example, posts from first-time Facebook users will only be visible to Friends rather than Public unless that new user decides to change it.

iCloud hack : A new hoax linked with Jennifer Lawrence nude photos

Naked images of high-profile actors, models, singers and presenters have been leaked online in an apparent hacking leak linked to the Apple iCloud service. Dozens of pictures were indiscriminately posted to 4chan, with users later claiming to have access to more explicit content which they were willing to upload in exchange for payments via PayPal or Bitcoin. Around 60 naked pictures of Lawrence were reportedly stolen, with the supposed hacker also claiming to possess explicit videos of the Hunger Games star. A master list claiming to show the names of all the stars hacked has since been posted online.

The leak has raised concerns surrounding the safety and security of digital devices. Continue reading iCloud hack : A new hoax linked with Jennifer Lawrence nude photos

Fix Black Screen of Death

To fix black screen of death in Windows 7/ 8, try the following steps,

Press Clt + Alt + Del

Type cmd and press Enter

Type cd c:/windows and Press Enter

Type  dir explorer.exe /s /p and Press Enter

Copy the last diretory (right click in cmd ,click “mark”,and click “enter” to copy)

Paste (Right click in cmd and click “Paste” and Press Enter

Type explorer.exe and Press Enter

And here goes the Windows

iPhone 6 release date, news and rumors

As we are coming to the end of August, excitement surrounding the reveal of the iPhone 6 is reaching a fever pitch. Now, the million dollar question is “When will Apple reveal their new iPhone”.  The rumors began just days after the launch of the iPhone 5s, but with just weeks to go until the expected iPhone 6 release date, speculation is hotting up and evidence is mounting rapidly.  After the WWDC 2014 where Apple introduced iOS 8, it has been anticipated that Apple’s 2014 iPhone is expected to debut on September 9. It will include a larger, redesigned form factor with 4.7″ and 5.5″ diagonal screens. The 4.7″ model will be launch first around September, with the 5.5″ model following later. Sapphire crystal screen and more efficient A8 chip will be the main features of iPhone 6.

The End Of iPhone 4 Era !!!

Is this the end of iphone 4 era??? Yesterday, Apple presented iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference ( WWDC 2014) in a keynote speech. According to Apple, the new iOS will be compatible with the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad 2, iPad with Retina Display, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad mini with Retina Display. Which means iPhone 4 users wont be able to use iOS 8!!! Continue reading The End Of iPhone 4 Era !!!

Add new words in iOS

iOS’ autocorrect can become a bit annoying when a correctly typed word is replaced with something else. It is because the word isn’t in the iOS dictionary. If you are using some words frequently, it is always better to add them to your iOS dictionary. Here is the quickest way to add new words in iOS. To do so, open Safari and type the word in the search field. Once you press the GO button, iOS will stop correcting that word for you. You can also add the words to the shortcuts list (which syncs across all your devices). For that go to Settings then General then Keyboards and then Shortcuts.

How to compare the differences between two word documents in Microsoft Office

Comparing two versions of a word file is quite easy in MS Word. Here goes the steps:

1) Open the original document.

2) Go to ‘Tools’ menu and then click ‘Compare and Merge Documents’. For the newer versions of MS Office ‘Compare and Merge Documents’ is under Review > Compare > Compare

3) In the ‘Open’ dialog, point to the newer version of the document, and click open.

4) And you are done.

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