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Snapchat Spectacle vending bot lands at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena

 Another day, another Spectacles vending machine location. This is the fifth place the Snapbot has appeared, to sell its first-person video capturing sunglasses to droves of willing Snapchat fans (or at least people hoping to turn a tidy profit by reselling them on eBay). Today’s spot is in Pasadena, at the Rose Bowl Stadium where there’s a USC/UCLA game later today.
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Author: Darrell Etherington

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Crunch Report | FanDuel and DraftKings Merge

The FanDuel and DraftKings merger is confirmed, Amazon Prime Video goes global, Apple is looking into U.S. manufacturing, BuzzFeed is raising a $200 million Series G flat round and Sesame Street’s VC invests in Yup. All this on Crunch Report. Read More
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Author: Khaled "Tito" Hamze

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Paint 3D is now a part of the Microsoft’s Creators Update test build

 You know you’ve been wanting to play around with that new version of Microsoft Paint — if only to see if it is, indeed, that big of an update to the long-maligned drawing application that’s been shipping with Windows since the mid-1980s. Paint 3D is unquestionably one of the biggest refreshes in the application’s history. In fact, it’s really a complete rethink,… Read More

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Zigbee IP is introduced

Zigbee wireless network technology has existed for many years, used by home automation and other embedded equipment. Last week, a new extension to the standard called Zigbee IP is introduced. Zigbee IP enables IPv6 devices to join these networks, an essential capability needed to get home appliances and other fixtures like light bulbs onto the Internet. Having your light bulbs on the Internet sounds like a funny idea, but there are some practical applications, such as controlling home energy costs. In fact, wireless lightbulbs with IP addresses have existed for awhile and Zigbee IP just makes the technology more standard. On the other hand, giving network hackers a way to remotely interfere with your home appliances doesn’t sound like much fun at all.