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Electron is trying to sell a blockchain makeover to the UK’s energy sector

 UK startup Electron is hoping to convince the energy sector to buy into the transformative potential of blockchain technology — and, down the line, unlock commercialization opportunities for over the top services running on a decentralized infrastructure platform. Read More Go to Source Author: Natasha Lomas Powered by WPeMatico

A Ton of Popular Netgear Routers Are Exposed—With No Easy Fix

Netgear had months to patch a vulnerability in some of the most popular consumer routers on the market. It still hasn’t. The post A Ton of Popular Netgear Routers Are Exposed—With No Easy Fix appeared first on WIRED. Go to Wired Author: Lily Hay Newman Powered by WPeMatico

Opera adds a built-in currency converter to its desktop web browser

 Opera’s latest trick for its desktop browser is built-in currency conversion. The company added a VPN and an ad blocker in two major releases this year, and now it is simplifying things for the growing numbers of people who make online purchases from overseas. Read More Go to Source Author:

Google taps Van Jones and Anil Dash to discuss race and algorithmic bias

 You may remember that time Google was under fire for wrongfully indicating that photos of black people were gorillas, and the time Microsoft’s AI bot named Tay turned incredibly racist. Today at Google’s Mountain View headquarters, the company acknowledged its shortcomings, as well as the shortcomings of other technologies in relation