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Apple Announces iBooks 2: New, Interactive Textbooks

During Apple’s education event today in New York City, the company announced the imminent release of iBooks 2, supporting a new variety of interactive book features focused primarily on education. Promising to deliver a “new textbook experience” for the iPad and other iOS devices, the new version will support books providing enhanced graphical and interactive features such as study cards, embedded quizzes and enhanced note-taking and highlighting capabilities. iBooks 2 is now available from the App Store as a free download.

Invalid SIM on iPhone 3GS

Fix iTunes: The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported

If this message appear after update iPhone software to iOS 4.1, you should read the latest tutorial how-to jailbreak iOS4.1 by using limera1n. Or, if you can’t get it work using limera1n, try greenpois0n instead. Continue reading Invalid SIM on iPhone 3GS

Messi wins third straight FIFA player of the year award

Messi wins third straight FIFA player of the year award. Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi has been awarded the FIFA Ballon d’Or Award for 2011 on Monday, finishing ahead of Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo and club team-mate Xavi. Already considered one of soccer’s greats at age 24, Lionel Messi become the first person to win FIFA player of the year three times in a row. Continue reading Messi wins third straight FIFA player of the year award

Tips to Ensure You Don’t Get Banned From Google AdSense

Many web site owners are getting their Google Adsense account banned when they have done nothing wrong to deserve the punishment. Considering the money that some are getting from Adsense, those who got banned would certainly want to get back into the program. But why all the hassle when there are clear guidelines which you can easily follow to maintain a good standing Adsense account? Don’t get yourself into Click fraud. Continue reading Tips to Ensure You Don’t Get Banned From Google AdSense

Most Searched Keywords on Google

It will be a tough task to say what are the most searched keywords on Google. While it is possible to find out the most searched words on Google over the last day , in some cases weeks and so on.

I’m not telling what the most searched words on Google are, because I can’t do that, as it will always be changing, but I can tell about a number of Google services or sites that allow to find out information about search patterns. These sites are as follows, Continue reading Most Searched Keywords on Google

Introduction of MiFi (3G or 4G Hotspot)

Now lets have a brief introduction of MiFi (3G or 4G Hotspot). Wi-Fi is nearly everywhere we go these days, but we don’t want to rely on it for data connectivity (3G or 4G)—after all, there seems to be some law of physics that says it’s never there when the need it most. To solve this problem, keep a wireless hotspot all times, like the MiFi, which you can get on multiple carriers. Alternatively, if you’ve a jail-broken your iPhone, you can use MyWi together it, or with the Android phone with PDANet. Of course, togethering has its downsides, so be aware of those before you go that route—the Mi-Fi might be a better choice if you want to conserve battery or get the fastest internet possible.

iPhone 4S Interface vs. Android Phones Interface

A brief discussion on iPhone 4S Interface vs. Android Phones Interface is as follows-

The overwhelming demand for the iPhone 4S is understandable, given the much-talked-about Siri voice-controlled assistant, as well as the device’s faster dual-core processor and fantastic 8-megapixel camera. But today’s top Android phones—such as the Samsung Galaxy S II—offer plenty of features you won’t find on Apple’s blockbuster sequel.  Continue reading iPhone 4S Interface vs. Android Phones Interface